Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 11: Traveling Food

We were traveling through Tulsa today on our way to Shawnee. Travel to Tulsa always means a stop at Coney Island.  The particular store that receives our custom has been in business since my dad was a child.  In fact, he remained friends with the owner until he passed.  My family remains friends with the second-generation owners as well.

One of the joys of travel, for me at least, is eating foods I don't get to have at home.  I have favorite places to go and favorite types of foods to eat base on where I am geographically.

In Dallas I like to eat at down in Deep Ellum, a cultural area just southeast of downtown.  When I cave the opportunity to go there, I like one of two options.  Deep Elum is known for having fantastic soul food, which I particularly like and can't get around Webb City.  Another thing Deep Elum has is Southern Fried foods.  My favorite of this option is Twisted Root, a place known for its homemade root beer.  And the deep fry everything, even the hot dogs!

If I go to Chicago, I want deep dish pizza.  It's best if you get deep into downtown and find a little mom and pop type place in the basement of one of the skyscrapers, just under the "El".  Served steaming hot and up on a little rack so it's up off the red and white checked table cloth.

St Louis has me wanting either White Castle, more affectionately known as "sliders", or toasted ravioli. Did you know the first ravioli was made in St Louis for the World's Fair held there in 1904.  They taste even better if you go get them on "The Hill", St Louis' Italian community. Even though I start wanting sliders in St Louis, I had my first taste of these fast food delacacy in Chicago's famed "projects" area.

The food I miss most from London, well, Windsor actually, is mushy peas.  I can get a close approximation of fish and chips at Long John Silver, but nowhere close to here have I found the mushy peas that make that meal complete.

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