Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 8: Traveling Back in Time

A couple of times a year,  my family likes to travel back in time.  We all dress up and go play middle ages for a day.

Our favorite place to go play is in Kansas City at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival in the early fall.  At this particular event there are things to do and see that would fill many days.  You can try your hand at archery or knife and ax throwing.  Or maybe you want to visit the falconer.  There is a full armored joust.  Our particular favorite is going to listen to the singing groups.

Our favorite of the singing groups are the Jolly Rogers pirates, who's speciality is sea shanties from the Golden Age of Piracy.  There are also the McGuire Brothers, who sing Irish drinking songs. Another favorite is Mick N Mischief and their renditions of military songs of Ireland, Scotland and England.  Caleb has formed a special relationship with one of the Jolly Rogers, dating back to when Caleb was 7 or 8 years old.  Much to his delight, Caleb has even been onstage to sing with them a time or two.

We have made many friends in addition to "Bloodbeard" the pirate.  My friend Trevor does demonstrations of  martial arts from the middle ages.  Friend Max is part of the Yeomen Guard that protects the "Royal Family" at these events.  Several of our friends are in the various musical groups. I even have a former student that is now a roaming minstrel, playing her fiddle at the White Stag eatery and in the enchanted forrest.

Next up for us is the Festival at the Castle of Muskogee in Oklahoma weekends during the month of May.  Most of our musical friends make the trip each weekend, so we will make sure to go there as well.  I usually visit each fair at least once with my girlfriends and once with my family.  Its a different experience for me depending on which group I go with.  Sometimes I will even make the trip with just my husband, or just my children.

Also fun to do in Muskogee is attend banquette with the King of Scotland.  We are served roasted pork and chicken, a vegetable, home baked bread, a potato.  Water is used to cleanse the palate and a very yummy blackberry mead rounds out the meal.  In true royal banquette fashion, magicians, jugglers, musicians and poets are brought in for our entertainment.

If you're the adventurous sort, maybe traveling back in time will be something you want to try!

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  1. I love to go there it would be awesome.P.S. I would want to be a berserker.