Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 22: Mundane Traveling

Today was filled with chores.  Bleh.

Most of these chores required travel around the area.  As much as we've been gone lately, these were small trips we could not put off any longer!

First stop to check on grandma.  At 85, she is still fiercely independent.  Sometimes I think we check on grandma more for our peace of mind than hers!

Stop two was in Carthage.  We went to the motorcycle shop to pick up a birthday present for my oldest son, Eli.  He wanted a new helmet of the "skid lid' variety.  They are very hard to come by and we were lucky to find one in his size!

Stop three was still in Carthage, at Liberty Tree.  Caleb and Garold had gone to the gun range last Saturday while I was in Kansas City so now we had to replace the ammo they used.  Of coarse, you can;t just go into Liberty Tree and pick up ammo; you have to look at the guns and talk firearms with the staff.  I did pick up a new running shirt, though, bright pink, with built in holsters on either side, just the right size for my LCP!

Last stop was Walmart.  I needed lubricant for my paper shredder.  They make specially oiled sheets of paper to feed through your shredder to keep it running smooth.  I couldn't find the special paper, but just as well as the employee we talked to said they were quite expensive.  He then told us that they used plain, old vegetable oil on the shredder in the back!  Not quite that adventurous with my electronics, I went for a silicon based spray.

Not a very exciting day of travel for me, but still a day of travel.

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