Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 3: Over the River and Through The Woods...

Some of my best childhood memories are from going to grandma's house.

My grandma lived in a big, two-story home situated on a big piece of land in Commerce, Oklahoma.  The house was painted white and had green shutters around all the windows. There was a plain, wooden porch swing over the gray front porch.

 Hundred year-old pecan trees dominated the south end of the property, along with other varieties, such as pear, apple, mimosa, and plum sprinkled throughout. The north end housed a chicken coop and a 3/4-acre garden shared with a couple of neighbors.

Downstairs held a living room, sitting room, dining room, large southern-style kitchen, sun porch, bedroom and bathroom.  Upstairs held a bathroom with a cast-iron, claw-footed tub, a small bedroom, and a dormitory-style bedroom left over from an era in which families tended to include large numbers of children.

Commerce was (and still is!) a very small town. Being from the city myself, I loved the freedom a small town afforded a child.  I had several playmates in the area, many of which I am still close with today.  I also had many cousins there. One of my aunts was a grade school teacher, one of uncles was the baptist preacher, and another uncle was the sheriff.   My grandparents owned the town's dry-goods store.

I found it utterly fascinating that milk and eggs were delivered every other morning to the back porch. I loved the tire swing that hung from old pinion oak.  I enjoyed helping grandma light the fires in the ceramic gas wall heaters in the winter.  I am blessed I met my husband on my first trip to grandma's house.

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