Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day 9: Travel Break

We all travel every day.

I travel to work in the morning.  It's not far - just a mile.  I could probably travel to school on foot, but the road is a narrow, two-lane road with no room for pedestrian traffic, and really would be quite dangerous at the time of morning I would be walking to school.

After school I travel around town, running errands before I shut myself in for the night.

I travel to Walmart to pick up items I need.  I travel to the grocery store to pick up ingredients I am missing to complete dinner.  I travel to the gas station to refuel my car so I can keep on traveling.  I travel all around this town.

I travel occasionally outside our  community.  Doctor visits of all varieties to attend: dentist, optometrist, general practitioner.

I travel to visit family.  My mother-in-law over by the high school.  My oldest son in Dallas.  My youngest son in Miami.  My brother in Tulsa.  My aunt in Commerce.

I travel to see my friends.  My friends in Kansas City.  My friends in Florida.  My schoolmates in Tulsa.

Sometimes its nice to just stop traveling for a while, sit in the old rocker on the porch, and enjoy the sunset.

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