Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 15: College Travel

Tomorrow we will be traveling a short distance to take our youngest son for a college visit.

We took the traditional visit last fall with the tour of campus and the hard sell.  Now that he's been accepted, we'll be visiting to make sure his educational plan and other consideration are in place before classes start in the fall.

I've been lucky; neither of my children went very far from home for college.  I went farther away for my first semester of uni.

After being told I was too short (and half blind to boot!) for the Air Force Academy, I set my sights for the University of Denver.  I was young and ready to leave the nest, ready to explore the world.  Before I could leave for college, in fact, before I even graduated high school, I started dating my husband.  Once I had decided that he was IT, Denver seem much too far away for my studies.  I eventually settled on Oklahoma State University.

I made it one semester in the dorm at OSU.  With my husband living in Joplin and working in Carthage, our weekly commute ate up a significant portion of our limited time together.  Phone calls just barely got us through the week, so one of us traveling at the weekend was an inevitability.  I made the drive so ofter I believed I could do it with my eyes closed. (And to the understanding OkHyPo that pulled me over with regularity, I promise my eyes really were open all the time!)

Our original timeline had us getting married after I graduated.  After a couple of weeks, we moved our date up a couple of years.  By the end of September we decided to get married at semester break! College travel for me was at an end.