Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 14: I Have Been to the Top of the Mountain, and it is Good

I have been to the Top of the Mountain.  Several mountains, actually.

One of the first was Pike's Peak in Colorado.  My first time to the top was in the cog train that starts in Colorado Springs.  Next time up was during a college visit to the Air Force Academy.  My daddy took my on this trip.  We had rented a blue Toyota Corolla and he let me drive to the top...brave man! My goal is to next make the trip on a motorcycle.

I've been to Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on a trip to California when I was in Junior high. I remember staying in a tent in Yosemite National Park and the campfire sings around the fire each night led by the park rangers in the shadow of El Capitan.  Unforgettable was the hiking, from the bottom of Tunnel View to the top of Yosemite Falls.

I've been to Sunrise Peak on Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the Cascades in Washington.   We were able to drive to the top and spend the day hiking around the trails there.  This was one nervous mama running around my ADHD youngster.  I was so scared he'd fall off the mountain!

On a trip with my daddy and oldest son Eli we were able to ascend to the tops of Montserrat, Tibidabo, and Montjuic in and around Barcelona, Spain.  Montserrat boasts a Benedictine monastery with a rare black madonna, and is the region of the world where stories of giants originated.  Tibidabo has an amusement park where we rode in an open-gondola TALL ride that terrified me we went to high!  Montjuic is known for its fountains, so visited at night to see the water and light shows.

I've ridden along the ridge of the Boston Mountains in Arkansas, the Ouchita Mountains in Oklahoma, and the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.  I love motorcycle riding to the tops of mountains with my husband!  If the weather cooperates during spring break, I'll be able to add another mountain peak to my list of motorcycle rides!