Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 23: A Change in Travel Plans

We had great plans for the day.

Caleb came home last night after bible study so we could get an early start today.  You see, he has Thursday's off at college - no classes!  His 20th birthday is tomorrow, March 24, but he has classes, so we would not be seeing him.

We planned to take him to Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas today to see the Frank Lloyd Wright home they have there, and to tour the museum build to examine the architecture of the structure.  There is also an interesting display of how the structure was planned and built to fit in seamlessly with the natural landscaping of the area.  This was a perfect outing for celebrating his birthday with him.

Caleb is a construction management major.  He is also hoping to add a theatre minor.  His dream job is set design/building for film, television, or broadway.  He is very talented in design and drafting, and often spends his spare time designing things for fun on his computer.  He was very excited to go to such a great facility and explore the architecture.

Let me emphasize the had in the statement "we had great plans for the day".

At 6:20 this morning I got a phone call from a 417 number I did not recognize.  Normally, I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize; nine time out of ten they turn out to be somebody trying to sell me something.  But at 6:20 in the morning, I reasoned the might be important.

One of my two elder aunts, Aunt Betty, was on the other end.  She was at Freeman East, and could I please come there immediately and sign a paper so she could have a procedure?  My early-morning foggy-brain replied "What?" while my vocal chords came up with a most intelligent "Ummmm".

Then a nurse came on the line, and told me that the signature was not so that Betty could have the procedure, but that the procedure, a colonoscopy, required anesthesia, and she would not be allowed to drive for 24 hours.  Further conversation revealed that Betty had shown up to the hospital with a pillow, blanket, and the intention of "sleeping it off" in her car for a couple of hours, then driving herself home!  I assured the nurse I would be there as soon as possible.

My Aunt Betty is fiercely independent and set in her ways, but usually in a polite, Southern, lady-like manner.  In the coarse of the day I learned she had told no one of her visit to the hospital for an outpatient procedure, even though she was told when it was scheduled that she would need someone to drive her home and be with her for a few hours at the least.  She didn't think it was anyone's business the doctor was looking in her bum for cancer and she is perfectly capable of looking after herself, thank you very much!

She came out of her procedure arguing loudly with the nurse, the tech, and even the doctor!  The doctor kindly told me that anesthesia sometimes make people more aggressive, especially if they are fixated on something before going under, and that she should return to normal after an afternoon of sleep.  She argued with me about driving her home.  I had to take her keys!  She argued with me about me being at her house "babysitting" her.  She argued with me about laying down to rest.

As soon as she settled she was sound asleep.  She slept until almost three o'clock, and it was a good, restorative sleep.  She woke in a better mood and no memory of being feisty all morning.  She normally is a very sweet person.

Caleb dealt with the change with good grace.  He and Garold picked up my car from the hospital, then picked my up this evening.  We got him birthday ice cream and sent him back to school with a hug.  I hope he is learning that sometime you make sacrifices for the ones you love and that life doesn't always go to plan, but its all okay in the end.

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