Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child?

This was the prompt the other day from the site where I sometimes get my blog ideas.

I was fortunate in that my mother believed in reading every day to me and my brother.  If we were lucky, she would read to us throughout the day.

I remember I had a collection of "Little Golden Books".  I don't know who published them or how I came to have them, though I suspect it was my mothers parents who got us the books since they owned a store and had easy access to such things.

My favorite of these books was Rupert the Rhinoceros.  It was about this poor rhinoceros that was captured in "deepest, darkest Africa" to be taken to a zoo somewhere in the United States.  The problem with poor Rupert was that he always charged at things and everyone was afraid of him!  They finally figured out that Rupert needed glasses and that he only charged at things because he couldn't really see and he was scared.  I think some little girl visiting the zoo figured it out, so they took Rupert to the optometrist where he got a big pair of red glasses and HURRAH! he could see!  He stopped charging things and everybody loved him and he lived happily ever after tin the zoo.

Odd little book, wouldn't you agree?

The reason I loved this book so much was because I also had undiagnosed vision problems for a while.  Life got better when I got glasses.

I suffered through glasses for three years, which helped some, but didn't fix the problem as well as it could.  Then I got contact lenses that were specially designed to hold my eyeball in a certain shape during the day while I had them in.  WOW!  Miracle!  I could see!

Just like Rupert.

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