Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 27 Post

Well my post from yesterday didn't get posted and is probably out there somewhere in cyberland.  I will try to re-create it:

I have spent what little free time I have had this evening looking for addresses.

Do you realize how difficult it is to look up addresses?

Used to be, you just went and pulled out your big ol' phone book white pages and look up the person by name, and you had their phone number, address and zip code.

We no longer have a land-line phone at our house so we don't have a phone book.

My next though was to go to the internet, which I did, but you can put in a name and the internet will spit back out at you 50 different people with that name.  Narrow the parameters and you might get the results down to two or three matches, which would be helpful if you knew that person's address to pick the right one, but it's the address I'm trying to find in the first place!

I am very frustrated!

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