Monday, March 2, 2015

Friendship and Kindness

Today I'd like to talk about friendship and kindness, two blessings I have been reminded that I have and have received recently in abundance.

Thoughts on Friendship
This weekend, as I sat reflecting on the life and passing of a favorite role model (translation: trolled the internet for any and everything I could read on the man), I began to hear from old friends who were also experiencing the same sadness as me. It was really comforting to hear from people who "got it", and who I could talk to in the same same language ( geek-speak ). Memes were created, pictures shared, stories of "remember when..." got passed around with glee, and virtual glasses were raised in rememberence all around. The amazing thing about these friends? Some of them I have not physically laid eyes on in 30 years! The separation of time and distance has done nothing to dull friendships formed in primary school. Knowing we can pick up and carry on with each other as if there has been no separation makes me happy beyond measure.

Thoughts on Kindness
Today I had a great many students take the time to either come see me personally or comment on my blog post and express their condolences to me for the loss of a beloved role model in my life. I am completely blown away with the ability of my students to be so very empathetic.  Not only does kindness surely live in their hearts, but courage as well for them to make the bold attempt to offer comfort to an adult. When I look back on this day from some distant point in the future, I may not remember the exact word offered, but I will remember the kindness, and my heart will be happy.


  1. What a beautiful reminder, Mrs. Swaim, of the comfort of both of those blessings. I'm always amazed, too, at how wonderful our students are! Their comments on our blogs seem to be full of wisdom beyond their years. I'm so glad you're part of our writing community this year. :)

  2. I love it. I know it is really hard what you are going throw. Thank you for commenting on my blog

  3. I was touched by your post. Our students are wonderful!! And I am sorry for your loss.