Monday, March 30, 2015

Through the Back Window

A prompt on the daily prompts site I use (not today's, though) was to go to the window and look out and describe what your see.  I give you: My Backyard.

The first thing I notice are the deer.  There are four medium does grazing on the new spring grass in our back yard, three under the trees and one off from the rest, out in the field.  Softly I call my family to come to the window and we share a quiet moment watching the deer.  THe most deer we've ever counted in our yard is 15.

The next thing that catches my attention is the green fuzziness of the trees and bushes behind our house.  The Crabapple tree has a darker green fuzz than the Rose of Sharon and Lilac bushes that grow just outside it's shade.I can't wait until my trees and bushes bloom out in pink, red and purple!  The trees in the thicket are all a light, spring green.  The Bradford Pear trees are all decked out in white flowers and I wrinkle my nose, glade that I am indoors looking out.  When the Bradford Pear trees bloom in the spring they smell of rotting marine life, a smell I can certainly do without!

Just at the edge of our patio is my rose bush, growing wild and untamed.  I had plans to dig it up last year but it unexpectedly bloomed after 10 years of dormancy.  I am not a great fan of roses, but this particular plant turned out to be most breath-taking and received a stay of execution; we will see what this year produces.

The sun is fading and it's getting difficult to make out details of the yard through the window, so I return to my computer and start the day's blog.

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