Friday, March 13, 2015

Star Wars CosPlay

December 18, 2015

That's my target date, the date I have to have my costume ready. The date STAR WARS VII: The Force Awakens will release in the United States.

First, I will need to pick a theme.  Naboo princess?  Bounty Hunter?  Jedi Knight?  The possibilities are endless!

However, no matter how I feel about a particular costume, I need to take into consideration that this outfit will not just be for a brief cosplay appearance, but may need to be worn for well over 24 hours straight.  Do I really want to maintain the make-up necessary for Queen Amidala for that long?

Second, I will need to take into account the season.  December (current release date) in Missouri is way different from May (previous release date) in Missouri.  Perhaps a Hothian outfit would be better than a Tatooinien outfit.

Yet another factor to consider is whether I wish to stay true to the original trilogy, go with the second series/first three chapters, or strike out into new territory with an attempt of a completely new character.  Or maybe go for complete satire and do some morphification of Mickey Mouse and Star Wars.

I will tell you my preference is for either a strong female character such as Aurra Sing or Princess Leia,  a character that gets to carry a light saber, or a Sith Academy character.

So many choices, so little time.  You'll have to check back with me in December to see what I decided on!

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  1. That's so cool Mrs. Swaim! My cousin and I might do something like that too! We both really like the Clone Wars cartoon that was on Cartoon Network before Disney got the rights to the series, so I might go as Ahsoka, but considering December's usual weather, that might not be the best idea.