Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogging Poem

"Blogging is great!
It's never too late!"
I'll even help you get started!"
These are the words that I heard
and so I was stirred
and started my blog, somewhat guarded.

So I sit here tonight,
no inspiration to write, 
and my attention full focused on nothing.
Wasting time on the 'net,
accruing sleep debt,
I'm afraid you can tell I am bluffing!

LOL! Just some fun poetry tonight.  I really did go and ask how to get involved with the Slice of Life project without any coercion. I am the one who wanted to do it. But I must confess, that with the anticipation of inclement weather and TRANSFORMERS 3 playing on TV, I just have no motivation to write anything meaningful!

For me, anyway, one of my goals for participating in the Slice of Life, was to get myself back into the habit of daily writing. Daily writing, especially when it does not come easy, is a good exercise that promotes better writing. 

I am going to try to let go of my preconceived notions that everything I post on here must be finished, polished, and meaningful, A+ material. I am giving myself permission to let go and just write for the joy of writing. Writing everyday is something I want to do for me. 

Writing everyday is something I am going to do for me.


  1. When I first saw that poem I immediately wanted to read it and I LOVED it. You are a really good writer I can not wait till you post another Slice of Life.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I need to give myself that same permission. It's hard to let myself "just write" when all of the writing I've done for the last many years of my life has been for a professional purpose. I'm really enjoying reading all of your posts!

  3. I had reservations about slicing before I committed to do it. I was concerned about making every entry a perfect one. I now share your sentiment about writing for fun. You are a great poet!

  4. Great opening! Loved it! I liked your picture, too. It is hard to let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect, but I agree, to free your mind to write everyday, you have to let go of perfect. That is something I struggled with last year, and I'm having so much more fun this year now that I am okay with having an "average" day!