Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gymnastics Tummy Ache

One of the things I love about judging gymnastics is how much judges are spoiled!

I get to travel and hang out with my friends, all while getting paid to do something I love!

Take this weekend, for instance.  I am at the Courtyard hotel, in a king room by myself, in the Kansas City suburb of Briarcliff, with a view overlooking the Kansas City skyline from across the river.  Four of my gymnastics friends are here, and we are having a fabulous time catching up.  And tonights sessions will finish in time for me to go visit friend in downtown KC.

Another of the things meet directors do for coaches and judges is put out fantastic amounts of really good food!  Unfortunately, this can be a drawback as well as an amenity.  And eating all this good food might be ok if I could get out and exercise, but my job at the meet is to sit for hours at a time and barely move.

Let me tell you why I will have a tummy ache come Monday:

Friday Night Menu
tacos, nachos, queso, guacamole, bean dip, salsa

Saturday Morning
bacon, toast, bagels and a selection of cream cheeses and lox, muffins, and a variety of fresh fruit

Saturday Lunch
soup selection, sandwich varieties, chips, veggies and dips, cookie varieties and pie

Saturday Dinner
lasagne, salad, bread sticks, chocolate cake, cookies and pie

Sunday Breakfast
pancakes, waffles, bacon, muffins, bagles (cream cheese and lox), fruit, and donuts

Sunday Lunch
wraps packed up in "to go' packages with chips and fruit

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