Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dork Dancing in the Driveway

Eli, the eldest male-child, was home from college Monday and Tuesday.  Being in the U.S.Army, that's all the spring break he gets.

Mrs. Orson's wheel class got to see him yesterday.  Eli and Sarah, the soon-to-be daughter-in-law, brought me a Jumbo Cherry Pepsi and a Gringo Burger.  Not that I ate it, being all full of Mrs Smith's birthday brunch, but it'll keep in the 'fridge for later.  The Cherry Pepsi, of coarse, is long gone!

Eli likes to come visit me here at the middle school.  My classroom was his homeroom when he was in sixth grade here.  He had Dr. Zornes for his homeroom and Math. (She was Miss Smith back then!)

We always have fun when Eli comes home.  Yesterday he and I played cards until Caleb got home from play practice.  Its fun to play cards and shoot the breeze.  It's during games like these with just the two of us that I find out what is going on his his life.  When Caleb came in, we switched to a card game called FLUX, which I got from my Secret Pal for Christmas.  Its a geeky, dorky, fast-paced, never-the-same-thing-twice, entirely fun game!  It's the favored game to play when it's just the three of us.

After the FLUX game, Eli decided that Caleb and I needed to learn the new FOOTLOOSE line dance.  We spent time in the family room learning all the steps and slow-practicing.  We had just got to the point we were ready to add in the music when Mr G came home.  He walked right in and proclaimed us to be dorks (well DUH!  Like we hadn't already figured that out on our own!).   At this point we decided to move our show outside, to the driveway.  Eli brought his laptop and set up the music.

We started with the Blake Shelton re-make version of Footloose.  I am not a huge country music fan, but this version wasn't horrible, and the line dancing was fun!  Then we decided to try other songs to do this particular line dance to.  Our best results came from the Dub-Step Tequila.  Lou Begga songs also worked well for this, Mambo #5 being the best.  Some Brian Setzer Orchestra/Stray Cats was close, but made us move just a bit too fast!  We tried some Black Eyed Peas, but again, it moved too fast for line dancing.

For a while, Mr G came out to observe us and found some sport in trying to get us off rhythm and mess us up.  We all got to laughing so hard!  I ended up having to dance with my eyes closed, which enabled me to keep rhythm, but made me lose balance so that I kept stumbling into my children, resulting in more hilarity and laughs!

I know we looked completely weird and dorky out line dancing in our sock feet on the driveway, but oh my, we really had some fun!  I did get my heart rate up for about an hour or more, so I'll count that as a win in the exercise column.  I may've ruined a perfectly good pair of socks, but its a fair trade for the memories we made!


  1. I would like to learn the new FOOTLOOSE line dance. But I am not a very good dancer so I don't know how that would work. Me and Kimmie both know that. I am glad you had fun with your oldest child Eli

  2. I liked how you wrote this slice it is quite interesting. I am not a good dancer, but I do love running around in my socks.

  3. I liked how you wrote this slice it is quite interesting. I am not a good dancer, but I do love running around in my socks.

  4. I love to dance! I bet your neighbors (if you have any) were wondering what you were doing.