Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fried Chicken

My husband's sister was in town today for a visit and she's been craving some fried chicken.  And not just any friend chicken, she has been wanting some Crawford County fried chicken. So me, G, K, the mother-in-law, and the sister-in-law loaded up in grandma's minivan for the drive out to Pittsburg, Kansas.

Finding the right area was easy enough.  About ten miles northeast of town is a place referred to as "chicken diner road".  But the big decision comes when you get there: Chicken Annie's or Chicken Mary's?

The story goes that there were two sisters of German decent who cooked for the miners in the area.  Their specialties were fried chicken and German potato salad.  Then, like most sisters, they got into some sort of argument and parted company.  Mary left the partnership and opened up her own place right next door to Annie's.

Chicken Annie's is the older restaurant of the two, being 70 years old this year.  Chicken Mary's has only been around for 65 years.  They both serve the same foods, though they swear to use different recipes.  We don't really have a preference so we alternate which restaurant receives our custom.  Considering we only go once every few years, it can be difficult to remember which one we went to last!

Can you guess which one we ended up at today?

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