Thursday, March 12, 2015

My First Time Teaching Science

Everyone knows how very much I love teaching ancient cultures. But I have not always been so fortunate that I got to teach my favorites.

Many years ago I had occasion to teach a lower-grade science class. The lesson was on the respiratory system, and I had a worksheet to cover, you know, the kind with text and graphics at the top and a few questions underneath the text.  

Everything was going fine until we got to THAT sentence.

"As air enters the body through the nose, it is cleaned by the nose hairs before going down the windpipe into the lungs."  

All of a sudden, instead of a class of little scientists, I seemed to have a class full of curious preschoolers!

And yes, you guessed it, a very LARGE portion of the class' little fingers went immediately into their nostrils to check for said nose hairs.  

"OH MY GOD! I CAN FEEL THEM!"  seemed to be the predominant expressions of those with fingers in their noses.

"NO WAY! HAIR IN THE NOSE? EW!!!"  were the replies of those kiddos not interested in finding out for themselves if the information they had just been presented with was valid or not.

And the lovely little scientists just kept going: "IS IT IN BOTH SIDES?!?" and similar screams of delight!  

I reached my limit when they wanted to start checking EACH OTHER'S noses for nose hairs!! 

I'm DYING, I've got the giggles so bad. It was 10 mins ( and liberal amounts of GREM-X ) before I could get them calmed down enough to continue the lesson. They would still burst into giggles at random intervals for the rest of the day!

I cannot even express to you how very happy I am to be teaching sixth grade social studies!

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  1. I am laughing so hard. I wish I could see our class learning this for the first time.