Thursday, March 26, 2015

28 Years Ago

It was 28 years ago and my brother and I were on spring break.  We were spending the week in Commerce, Oklahoma at the house my mother grew up in.  my grandmother had passed a couple of months before and we needed to go through everything it sort it into throw-away, give-away, and garage sale.  It was during this week that I had my first, second, and third date with my husband.

My husband has known me almost my whole life.  He remembers when I was born, my grandfather running into their house and announcing to all within that he had himself "a new papoose".  His mom went down to the dress shop and got a sweet, ruffly, red dress to send to my parents via my grandparents, that I am told I wore home from the hospital and had my newborn picture taken in.

Just a couple of weeks later my parents brought me to Commerce to show off to all the neighbors and relatives.  My husband remembers being outside playing football with his friends when his parents called him in to see the new baby.  He remembers getting to hold me when I was  two weeks old.

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