Wednesday, March 16, 2016

26 Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Me

I take my inspiration tonight from another Slicer in our building, Mrs Mitchell.  I really enjoyed getting to know a bit about her in this unique way.  I hope you feel the same!

A:  Asperger's Syndrom is a part of my everyday life
B:  Brothers: I have one I was born with (Paul) and two others (Jared and Johnny) I picked up along       the way
C:  Cherokee Indian
D:  Dory is my favorite Finding Nemo character
E:  Eggs make me sick, like gutter-crawling, camode-hugging sick, but I love them and sometimes           eat them anyway
F:   Fencing - I was on my high school fencing team
G:  Gymnastics judge  for Women's Artistic Gymnastics, both Junior Olympic and XCEL programs
H:  Horses: I know sorta know how to ride, but it's been a long time since I've done it
I:   Imp - one of the more unfortunate nicknames I acquired in high school
J:   Joyful noise - I like to sing.  LOUD.  I'm just not good at it.
K:  Keys - I inherited a large collection of keys that I have no idea what they go to!
L:   Laughing Hour - something I believe everyone should practice - HA!
M:  Married for 29 years this year.  Met my husband 47 years ago this summer.
N:  Nervous - talking in front of a group (assemblies!), going to the dentist, taking tests
O:  Okie at heart
P:   Purple is the color I've chosen for my summer hair this year
Q:  "q" is the nickname I go by most often among my closest friends and family
R:  Running and I have a love/hate relationship
S:  Sun - I'll be out in the sun every day in the summer
T:  Travel - every where,  every chance I get!
U:  Uneven - I can't stand to be uneven, much to my family's amusement
V:  Versatile, a trait required for being a mom
W:  Wiggly - I have a hard time holding still
X:   X-Rays are fascinating at the dentist these days since they show up right away on the computer            monitor
Y:  Youthful - hopefully they will still be saying this about me when I am 90
Z:   Zs - gonna go catch some

Goodnight, ya'll!

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