Friday, March 25, 2016

Catch-Up Day

Today was not an exciting day for me.  Today was a cleaning day for me.

Actually, with all the travel I've been doing lately because of spring break, I've been knocked off my cleaning schedule.  I have a very definite cleaning schedule:
     Make-Up Monday - the day you make up for all the cleaning you didn't do on the weekend    because you were traveling (yes, we travel a lot in my family).
     Toilet Tuesday - deep clean the bathrooms.
     Wash Wednesday - extra washing, things like sheets, curtains, and small rugs.
     Dusty Thursday - the day I do all my dusting.
     Floor Friday - run the vacuum and mop the floors.

These special days are, of coarse, in addition to regular, normal, day-to-day cleaning chores like wiping down surfaces, doing dishes, doing laundry, picking up and putting away.

So today I spent most of the day playing catch-up, doing all my chores on one day instead of all spread out like I normally do.  Not much fun, but my house looks better and I just feel better knowing my house is clean.

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