Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Riding the Walmart Cart

I had a different plan for my blog tonight.  My thought were to write about (translation: rant about ) technology.  Instead, I find myself with a new experience to share.

Mr G and I went to Walmart tonight.  Nothing very special, just needed to get sandwich stuff and pick up some other odds and ends.  We were back in the Garden Center, and I, being short ( now be hadn't noticed that about me ), had to get Mr G to get something off the top shelf for me.  Even Mr G is had to stretch to reach what I wanted, so it really was way on up there.

I got my item and turned to head out of the garden center.  I only got a few steps away when something came crashing down on me.  Unfortunately, what came crashing down on me was Mr G!
He hit the floor with a grunt of pain and grabbed his knee.  Very scary!

It seems the mat he was standing on in front of the houseplants was soaked and when he stepped off the mat he slipped.  As he skidded on the concrete, his knee hyper-extended and down he went.

Before it was all over, we had the garden center guy, two managers, and the Webb City Fire Chief all making sure Mr G was up and ok.  After much paperwork, they had Mr G all loaded up on a Walmart cart and we were on our way.

He rode that cart back through the store, through check out, and out to the car.  I drove the cart back in to the store, backed it into it's parking place, and plugged it now. ( not gonna lie, driving the cart was fun! ) So now we're home and Mr G is resting with ice on his knee and his leg elevated.

It's interesting how life never quite turns out the way you planned.

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