Tuesday, March 8, 2016



We really like pizza at our house. A lot.  Probably too much.  Because of how much we like pizza, we are careful to not overindulge and limit ourselves to having pizza only one time each month.  During the school year, this means having pizza on school pizza fundraiser night.

We each of us order our own.  We all like different pies so its next to impossible to get just one or two pizzas that will appeal to everyone.  The plus side of each of us getting our own is that there are usually leftovers.  I, myself, am a fan of the old college standby of cold pizza for breakfast.

Although I like many flavor combinations, my go-to pizza is a thin crust bacon and onion with bar-b-que sauce.  Sometime, however, I don't even get a pizza.  Dominos has a really yummy boneless wings options that is quite filling.  I like bar-b-que bacon flavor. ( Are you detecting a theme here? )  Once in a while I will even go in for a sandwich.  A favorite for me and Sarah to do is get a sandwich and boneless wings and each of us take half.

And have you had the chocolate lava crunch cake? OH WOW!  Warm chocolate cake with a creamy, hot, chocolate center that absolutely oozes chocolate goodness.  My mouth is already watering in anticipation!

Maybe you can see why we limit ourselves to pizza night once a month.  I wonder what we'll end up with tonight?


  1. hay you know how my class nick name is peparnione well plz don't eat my cousin's :]

  2. We had pizza last night too! We don't eat it very often but I LOVE pizza!!