Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not my Night to Cook!

There are currently four adults living in my house; me, Mr. G, Eli, and Sarah.  Each of us is responsible for providing dinner for the family one night a week. (Since we travel so much, weekends are left unassigned.)

My night to cook is Monday nights.  This week I made breakfast for dinner, one of my favorite things to do.  This time it was biscuits and hamburger gravy, hash brown casserole, and orange rolls. YUMMY! :)

Last night was Sarah's night to cook, but Eli and Sarah were out of town.  They had gone to Springfield to do paperwork getting ready for Sarah's graduation from Missouri State University on May 13th.While this was great for Sarah, it was not so great for Me and Mr G!  Mr G volunteered to get dinner for the two of us, which translated into an excuse for him to run out and get Taco Bell!  Meh, there are worse things in the world than a nacho cheese gordita.

Tonight is Eli's turn to cook.  When I got home from school, he was headed out on a run. OK, fair enough, everyone needs exercise.  After his run, cool down, and stretches, he got involved with Mr G in a project they've been playing with for the last couple of weeks.  Ok, I can grade some mosaics while I wait for them to be done doing man things in the garage.  But at 7:30 pm, I decided it was time for a not-so-gentle reminder that it was his turn to cook.  I went to the door that opens from the family room into the garage and bellowed out, "WHAT"S FOR DINNER?!?  I'M STARVING!!!"

Subtle, huh?

Yeah, he had forgotten it was his night to cook.  Now its 45 minutes later and I'm STILL WAITING ON DINNER.  It looks like he's making chicken quesadillas and mexi-rice.  I really hope it's worth the wait!


  1. Hahahahaha!!! I would have NEVER made it to 7:30 before reminding someone that I hadn't had dinner!! You are very patient, Mrs. Swaim, and I hope you got your dinner!! ;)

    1. Me to. I eat at 7:00, longer then that I won't have patients.;)

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