Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Sugar Free Day

I've been trying really hard to go sugar free in my life.  Lately, actually, since Christmas, I've had more days with sugar than without.  Today was the first day in over two weeks I've been sugar free.

There are several reasons I am trying to go sugar free.  First, Mr G is diabetic, and I feel guilty eating sugary things when he cannot.  More often than not, though, we tend to give in together.  Girls Scout Cookies?  Just a few (boxes) won't hurt anything.  Its only one cupcake.  But tea is better when the sweetener is sugar and brewed right in during the brew time.  It's just easier for both of us if we give sugar up together.

Another reason for me to go sugar free is that there is diabetes in my family tree.  My father was diabetic, my grand father was diabetic, a great many of my cousins are diabetic.  I've been lucky so far, but if I continue to operate carte blanche with the sugar, I won't continue to be.

Lastly, diabetes tends to run in my race.  And what a bummer it is to have a disease attached to a while ethnic group!  Native Americans have a higher rate of diabetes than the general population.

Today was an especially hard day for me, too!  There is an uneaten Kit-Kat in the refrigerator at home.  If you listen carefully, you can hear it calling to me as I walk through the kitchen!  It actually belongs to Caleb.  I could eat it and replace it before he comes home from college again, but I have resisted so far today.

Soda is also one of my weaknesses.  I LOVE soda with cherry or grenadine.  I even keep a bottle of cherry flavor in my cabinet for adding that extra bit to my hot chocolate and sodas.  Keeping soda out of the house is not the problem; having soda when out of the house is where I am most likely to stumble (fall, crash-and-burn).  Especially Sonic drinks.  A cherry-vanilla-diet-coke is my preferred poison, so much so that my kids say I'm addicted!

Although staying strong and being sugar free is a struggle for me, the rewards (husband/wife solidarity, continued good health) far outweigh the temporary benefits.  Now, if I could just find some earplugs so I can't hear that Kit -Kat...

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