Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday Night is Bowling Night

Well, it's finally happened to me this Slice Season:  I can't think of a thing to write.  I am tired, kaput, tapped out, done.

Not that I didn't have a good day because I did have a good day.  Its Tuesday and that means LIBRARY DAY for my reading class.  I LOVE Library Day because due to time constraints it follows a very strict schedule.

My social studies classes were ok.  We are studying the Vikings, a very fun subset of the Middle Ages.  We just had to spend the day modeling/practicing how written responses should look in social studies classes.  ( Not any different from reading class! )  But at least we got to practice with the Vikings.

After school I made a couple of worksheets: bell work and a fun matching one for Medieval weaponry.  Set up my room ( Tomorrow is  Freedom of Information Day ).  Check to make sure all the chrome books are plugged in so we can take the Star Math Test online.

At home I gathered all the kiddos and we went downtown Joplin tot he Skate Shop.  Caleb wanted a longboard for his birthday.  He had money from Grandma, Aunts/Uncles, and mom & dad burning a hole in his wallet.  He ended up with a VERY nice longboard.  We went there on the recommendation of one of my students. ( good rec, Hope, Thanks! )  We came home and he spent about an hour out boarding the mean streets of Webb City.  Which was good because Captain Aspi had been going on a bit about how Tuesday night is BOWLING NIGHT, and how he just wouldn't FEEL right if he didn't get to go BOWLING because he ALWAYS goes bowling on Tuesdays.

Sarah cooked dinner: Taco Tuesday!  Conversation stopper from Captain Aspi.  Feel free to ask - I'm still incredulous and laughing!

Nothing meaningful, nothing deep, just an ordinary day.

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