Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break and the Return of Captain Aspi - Day 2

Today was Caleb Day.  Not all day, because he had a mandatory cheer practice for the first part of the day. (And seriously, who has mandatory practices on the first Saturday of spring break after they've already closed down the dorms??? But I digress)

First, we took him to Carthage and got him registered for a gun safety class.  Next, we took him shopping.  Mr G found a winter coat on sale over in Carthage last week, the kind Caleb looked for all fall but couldn't find.  Double bonus: Caleb tried it on and it was exactly what he wanted; no "it doesn't feel right" issues, no pulling at the shoulders, no hitchy-tics at all!  Coat shopping success made me optimistic and we were even able to look for and find a shirt for him!  What a stellar shopping day!

We then decided to get dinner out.  We went to a buffet in order to have more choices that would appeal to all of us.  We all made our selections and sat down to our meal and THAT's when Captain Aspi decided to join us.  Apparently, there were foodstuffs in his rice that weren't rice. (It was fried rice.)  If you've ever eaten a meal with an aspi then you know how much they don't like the mixing of foods, and Caleb is no exception.  We were lucky that the fix this time was simple and we were able to actually finish the meal without ranting or refusals to eat. (like last night when they put cheese on his taco)

We are back home now with Caleb on the couch, laughing like a hyena while watching Big Bang Theory and repeating everything Sheldon says that he happens to like.  It's oddly comforting in its familiarity.  He's been doing well at college this semester and it's very obvious he's growing up, maturing, becoming a man.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the day he no longer needs me.

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