Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We celebrated today with family at our house.  Not a large crowd this year; my brother has a new job.  He's the associate pastor of a church in Sandsprings, Oklahoma.  However, this means that religious holidays are work days for him.  This is the first time in 12 years he and his family have not come to spend Easter with us.

We did have plenty of family on hand, though.  Mr G's mom, my Aunt Betty, me and Mr G, Hannah, her husband Zack and their daughter Norie, Eli and his wife Sarah, Sarah's mom, Sarah's sister, her brother-in-law and their two boys, Zeke and Mikey, and Caleb.

The two oldest of the smallest kiddos, Zeke and Norie, will be three this summer, and Mikey will be two in the fall.  This is such a fun age to have around for family gatherings!  We stuffed and hid around 200 plastic eggs and had lots of fun watching the babies find them

We had quite a fantastic table laid with all kinds of food!  We out everything out buffet-style since there were 15 of us!  It took two serving tables for the food and three tables for the people.  Fortunately, our family room is designed just for such family get-togethers. When we host Mr G's side of the family ther are 30-45 people.

Now everything is washed up and put away, everyone has gone other places, and it is just Mr G and myself here at home tonight.  I can't wait for the next big family day for us on July 4th!

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