Monday, March 21, 2016

The Long Drive Home

Sorry, ya'll! I got home last night, wrote my post, closed my laptop and went straight to bed without posting, so I just posted, then decided to come back and add this note. Enjoy!

I judged a full day of gymnastics again today.  Official time was 7 hours, but we had to be at the gym at 7:50am and I left around 6pm.  Sometimes the meet director will make a mistake in planning and we'll get credit for our whole time in gym. Still, 7 hours was plenty long enough time considering I had a long drive ahead to get home.

Before I even got outside of Wichita city limits I could see smoke plumes on the horizon. I actually counted six, and figured I'd cross about thre of them.

The first one I came across was out by the windmill farm.  It turned out to be three separate grass fires, but the smoke from all of them had combined to make one giant plume.  The closer I got, the more brown the air became.  I was a little afraid of having to drive in smoke, especially since the highway I travel I just a two lane with lots of semi trucks. I shouldn't have worried, though. Kansas is flat and windy, and luck for me the wind was blowing all the smoke in the opposite directions!

It a three hour drive home, and I counted 22 grass fires I was close enough to see before I crossed back over in to Missouri.  At least my drive home was interesting today.

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