Friday, March 4, 2016

I Love My Job

I love my job!

I had so much fun today with my classes.  My reading class finished up reading a difficult book.  I was so very proud of them as they took the AR test and all did very well.  I like that the book made them think and led to some good conversations as we made our way through the story.

For the past couple of days, we have spent time getting ready to start our unit on the middle ages. Each of my social studies classes today got to talk about the upcoming Middle Ages Project.  Its a time I look forward to each year.  The kiddos get so excited about all the possibilities that are open to them.  I got to bring in some of my own projects as examples to share with them to help illustrate.

Yesterday I wore my middle ages outfit to school and today I brought my Viking shield and marshmallow- shooting crossbow.  It was fun flinging miniature marshmallows at the students who answered questions correctly.  Who know that the opportunity to to catch a mini marshie would be such a motivator!  I was amazed at some of the ideas for projects the kiddos came up with and can't wait to see all of their finished work over a month from now.

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