Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Meandering Home" - Impressions of My Day

Hotel breakfast: bacon, toast, banana.
Layers, leathers, bandana, boots.
Cloudy-bright and chilly: sunglasses, gloves, jacket.
Check the route map. Check the forecast.
Gas the bike. Last potty call.

Head north on 7, west on 164
Through valleys, gaps, and passes.
Bullfrog Valley, Pettigrew Mountain
Switchbacks, ridge-riding, Booger Holler.
23 north for a little Pig Trail
16 west along White River.
U of A - woooooopig: Sooooo-ie!

Lunch. Study the map, write it down this time.
Highway ride, wind and semis.
Pig Trail again, Withrow Springs State Park.
12 west to War Eagle, both cavern and mill.
Gas at Rogers, head north.

Back in Missouri, helmet stop.
90 west to K.
Twist, turn, no traffic, go fast!
Leg stretch at Pineville, see the thunderhead!
Highway 49, race to get home!
Wind at our back, see the rain in the distance.
Pull in, unload, rain.

Day is done.

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