Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arkansas Senic Byway - HWY 7

This morning Mr G and I got up early, packed a bag, got on the motorcycle, and headed for Arkansas.  The worst part of the ride was at the beginning when we had to go from Webb City to Jane on highway 49.  I do not like sharing the road with semi trailers!

We got off the highway at Jane and headed east on Missouri 9.  Missouri 9 is a fantastic road for motorcycles. There are many curves and hills!  We joined up with Arkansas 62 to cut across the top of Arkansas. We went through Eureka, which was a new experience for us.  Always before we've turned south at Eureka to ride the Pig Trail.  This time, we kept going to Harrison before we turned back south.

It was at Harrison, Arkansas where we started our journey on the Arkansas Senic Byway - Highway 7.  Arkansas has three roads labeled as "Senic Byway", and we'll ride another one tomorrow to get back home.

Today's ride took us through the heart of Arkansas' Boston Mountains.  This particular highway runs along to mountain tops. The view is simply magnificent! At the highest point today we were 1000 feet above the Buffalo River.  There were many places to pull along the side of the road and look out over the mountain range, so of coarse we did!

Most of the places we stopped had plaques or informative signs to read, and I ende up learning quite a bit about Arkansas today.  I also wouldn't be me, though, if I didn't notice some oddities along the way.  Here is a list of some of the things that made me giggle:

     ::: a hot pink limo
     ::: three goats standing on the roof of a house
     ::: a long white 1970s style Cadillac  that Boss Hogg himself was getting out of
     ::: a combination medical clinic/thrift store
     ::: old man on a moped giving us motorcycle high sign
We are now all tucked up tight for the night in Rogersville, Arkansas. A good night's sleep and we'll be ready to go again tomorrow!

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