Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Quest for Coneys and What I Got Instead

This has been a fantastic day for me!

I already had a trip out of town planned with Mr G, Eli, and Sarah.  Eli had a an appointment with his agent in Tulsa. It was just supposed to be a quick "let's get reacquainted" meeting since he's been out of the business since high school.  When he asked if Mr G and I wanted to tag along we jumped at the chance; going to Tulsa means a trip to Coney Island for coneys!

The opportunity to go and eat a coney was even worth getting up early to an alarm on a what should be a lazy Saturday.  We were out the door and on the road by 9am, right to the agency just a touch early for an 11am meeting.  We dropped Eli off and headed to a nearby speciality sporting goods store to pass the time while he attended his meeting. ( Just fyi, in case you care, not only were photo shoots and go-sees and representations arranged, Eli was hard-sell recruited to teach at the agency's school! ) The store, Tulsa Sun & Ski, specializes in things you need for skiing (both water and snow) and for athletically enjoying the outdoors.  While looking around at all the nifty, over-priced things they offer for sell, I found many items to amuse me!

I tried on many furry ski hats.  I looked at snow boots with linings that could be changed out to match your outfit. I looked at long boards and penny boards.  I looked at fashion wear for cyclists. Then, whoa, what is this interesting contraption?

It's kinda like a combination stair stepper/scooter.  The attached brochure said that its good for working out your legs and glutes.  I immediately jumped on and started riding around the store.  This thing is fun!  So much fun, I bought it and brought it home with me. ( Bonus: it was WAY on sale! )  So if you see me puttering around town on my new toy, don't laugh!

Next, we headed off to our favorite coney shop.  Unfortunately for us, there was a hand-written sign on the door letting everyone know that they would be closed today.  We were so bummed!  We decided to go about our other errands ( Eli needed a special motorcycle riding jacket for military use that he cannot find around here, as well as a couple of pieces of army gear ) and see if any other restaurants caught our fancy.  After a quick stop at a bike shop in the fairgrounds region, we ended up at a place called RIO's.

Back in the day, this location was Casa Bonita.  Eating at Casa Bonita used to be an event, not just a place to go eat.  They had wandering musicians, a waterfall, caves, a puppet show, a costumed monkey named Bananas, and an all-you-can-eat Mexican menu that couldn't be beat.  RIO's was no Casa Bonita in atmosphere, but it turned out the food is pretty good.

We spent the rest of the day running around Tulsa, having lots of fun on this fine, early spring day.   We even stopped by for a visit with my youngest brother, Paul, and his family.  We made our final stop at the Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel where I got two new pins to add to my pin collection.

And, of coarse, we couldn't leave without our goofy, souvenir photo: ( that's me and Eli )

I know this is a bit longer than my normal Slice of Life post, but it was a very full, fun-filled day.  Definitely a day I want to remember for a very long time!