Monday, March 14, 2016

Pi Day with Captain Aspi

I went home early today so I could exercise.  Caleb decided to join me. :) By join me I mean he ran at the same time as I did.  He ran many miles and I ran my normal 2, but we did finish around the same time.  We stretched at the same time.  The Caleb suggested we try out the new toy ( see the March 5th blog post from me for a picture of the new toy ).  I rode it eight tenths of a mile before I called it a day.  I think Caleb could've gone all day!

Our next activity was a haircut.  Haircuts can be a traumatic event for Aspies, so usually I give Caleb his haircut.  He prefers a military cut for summer, and according to Caleb, we are in the throes of an early summer, so we scalped him good!  We did the cut outside on the back porch for the cut and tried to identify the birds we heard.  We were able to pick out cardinals, chickadees, jays, hawks, and crows.  There were a couple of others that we couldn't identify by sound and we never did see them.

We decided to continue our outdoor bonding by grilling dinner out tonight.  Steaks on the grill, cut corn in a large cast iron skillet, mixed veggies in a smaller cast iron skillet ( Caleb can't eat "mixed" anything! ), and steak fries in the grill basket!  YUMMY!  We put the grill on low and slow-cooked our dinner while we sat out and reconnected after too long ( in my opinion ) apart.  We talked about school, both his and mine, identified a barn owl, and refilled our bird feeders.

After dinner Caleb and I kept our connection as he cleared the table and I rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher.  At last, time for pie!  Eli and Sarah had gotten us all a lovely turtle pie, and surprise!  Oatmeal Cream Pies for Caleb! A very lovely end to our day!

Happy Pi Day, everybody!

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