Thursday, March 24, 2016

TBT - Caleb's Birthday

My youngest son, Caleb, was born 19 years ago today.  He came unexpectedly, about a month and a half early.

Caleb has done a good job catching up.  Now he's in college in Miami, Oklahoma.  Some of his friends took him to lunch today, then they went to the mall. He got a Hawaiin print hat and a pineapple cup to go with his Hawaiin shirt. It's a goofy looking combination, but he's happy.

He came by the house and we had Caleb food for dinner.  Caleb food is Aspie friendly food - easy textures and separated favors.  Not very nutritious, but again, it's his birthday and dinner made him happy.  We had hot dog weenies rolled up in croissants, corn, and cheese balls.  We also made him an ice cream cake made from ice cream sandwiches and Kit-Kats.

After dinner we opened presents, then he had to get back to school.  He has classes tomorrow, and he has a very definite scheduled bedtime.  He submitted to hugs (birthday hugs last twice as long!) then there was some silliness at the door, then he was gone.

I miss him already.

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