Friday, March 18, 2016

On the Road Again

I left school today and headed straight for Wichita Kansas, where I am judging at the Kansas State Gymnastics Meet this weekend.

Right off the bat, between Pittsburg and Parsons there is road construction.  I sat for 45 minutes as the west-bound lane of traffic waited its turn to travel on the one-lane road.  Grrrr.  I was stuck behind a tour bus and had absolutely no view.

The rest of the trip, thankfully, was event free.  I got bored so I called Eli (he's in Dallas this weekend doing Army things), my brother Paul (nobody home), and my Aunt Betty.  That helped kill another 45 minutes.

Interesting things I noticed on my drive:
     :lots of scorched earth from the wild fires the last couple of weeks.
     :lots of cows (moo).
     :lots of field green with newly-sprouted winter wheat.
     :a windmill farm
     :Fredonia, Kansas has a very weird-looking hill with a flagpole on top of it
     :a sculpture garden with metal buffalos

I made it to Wichita State with 15 mins to spare.  An easy drive to start my Spring Break!

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